I just returned from Boston, after attending this year’s Boston Summit. During the three days of the event, a number of GNOME contributors got together to discuss what the next few months are looking like for GNOME. As a newcomer, many of the things discussed were new to me — which means I got the chance to learn lots during the event.

On the last day of the event, we also had an impromptu Marketing session, which turned out to be quite productive. We brainstormed a bit on our project’s vision and goals, trying to come up with ways to better communicate them. This is closely related to another discussion I had during the Summit, related to our website and how to improve for reaching out more users and contributors.

Apart from that, it was great to see some newcomer-oriented activities in the Summit’s schedule — the event is known for being better suited to more seasoned contributors. Since I joined GNOME, I have been mostly contributing to our Marketing and Documentation teams, so it was great to get more familiar with our development tools and processes. I learned a bit about GObject during the GNOME University session, and got myself jhbuild-ing during the Newcomers Tutorial.

It was great to be able to attend a GNOME Boston Summit for the first time. Thanks to everyone who worked on its organization, and to the GNOME Foundation for making sure it was possible for me to be there.