7670088838_d535d5fce1_kAnd I’m back to Brazil, coming from what I expect to be the first of many GUADECs I’ll attend.

UX Hackfest

I arrives in A Coruña a few days earlier than most people to attend the UX Hackfest. Besides getting to work together with other GNOME designers and developers, this was a great opportunity to participate in the design of different GNOME features. The experience helped me shape my lightning talk, during which I discussed the importance of iteration to the design process and how GNOME acknowledges that.

The discussions we had and the work we got done during the hackfest were invaluable to me as a new contributor. It was great to dive in the GNOME Design project and to work with everyone who attended the event. A huge thanks to the Design team for inviting me, and to the event sponsors for making it happen.


I’ve been to a few of conferences so far, but none like GUADEC. It was amazing for me, as a new contributor, to be with a community so driven to share and discuss ideas and plans. This was something I noticed not only during talks and keynotes, but also whenever I got a change to chat with more seasoned contributors.

GUADEC was also a great chance to gain some insight of how GNOME works as a broader project. During the conference, I got to discuss not only the community’s driving mission but also its plans for the future. I have now a much clearer understanding of our vision and goals for GNOME, and of how our contributors and attention to details make the difference.

OPW Report #4

During GUADEC, I got to discuss my work with Cheese with my mentor Allan and Andreas Nilsson, another designer in the team. We went through my latest mockups, discussed edge use cases, and brainstormed solutions for touch interaction. I also met Cheese developers David King, Luciana Fujii and Daniel Siegel, and we discussed the possibility of having me help with a few bits of the new design’s implementation.

All that said, I can’t thank the GNOME Foundation enough for sponsoring me to be at A Coruña for GUADEC.