UX Hackfest, GUADEC and OPW Report #5

And I’m back to Brazil after attending what I expect to be the first of many GUADECs I’ll attend. As I’ve said to a number of people during the last couple of days, every single bit of this experience has been fantastically inspiring to me.

I arrived in A Coruña a few days earlier to attend the UX Hackfest, which was a great opportunity to learn more about how the GNOME Design team do their job. Besides getting to see designer and developers working together, it was über interesting to engage in different phases of the design of different GNOME features. This experience provided me more arguments for my lightning talk, during which I discussed the importance of iteration to the design process. Also, as I said during the hackfest’s closing session, all the discussions we had and work we got done were invaluable to me as an apprentice contributor. It was great to really dive in the GNOME Design project and to work alongside with everyone in attendance (what a fantastic group!). Many thanks to the Design team for inviting me to this event and to the hackfest sponsors for helping making it happen:

GUADEC itself was also fantastic. I have been to a couple of conferences so far, but, really, none like it. It was absolutely amazing how every single talk (at least, the ones I attended) led to interesting comments and discussions. For me, as a new contributor, being in an environment where the community get to share ideas and actually establish conversations about them was really something else. This striked me not only during talks and keynotes, but also whenever I got the opportunity to chat with old GNOMErs. As a new-comer, I’d say this is something that really inspires me to get more engaged in GNOME. It feels to me that, as time goes by, I’ll also say that’s why I keep contributing. Another great thing about GUADEC is that it gave me great insight about GNOME as a project. I had the opportunity to listen not only about where it came from, but also about where it plans to go. I feel that I have now a clearer understanding of the vision that makes GNOME (and its community) great and of how contributions and details make the difference.

In terms of the “OPW Report #5″ bit of this post’s title: I had the opportunity to discuss my work with Cheese with Allan Day (whom I had the great pleasure to meet) and Andreas Nilsson. We went through the latest version of my mockups, set some use cases for the application and discussed some problematic bits related to touchscreen interaction. This is all new input I have to consider for my next iteration over the redesign. I had also the chance to meet some Cheese maintainers like David King, Luciana Fujii and Daniel Siegel. Since I’m not completely unfamiliar with programming, we’ve discussed the possibility of me implementing the new Cheese UI. That would be a great challenge, let’s see how it will work! Finally, after a meeting with the guys from the Design Team, I have now two new design assignments to work on: selections and scrubbing for the core user experience!

Well, with all that said, I must add (even though by now it’s kinda obvious) it was a great pleasure to attend this year’s GUADEC. I can’t thank the Travel Committee and the GNOME Foundation enough for helping me being at A Coruña to experience it. I also owe special thanks to the people behind the Outreach Program and to my mentor, Allan Day, who has been amazingly great.

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